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Here are the issues! (Oh yeah, and all SIX Presidential candidates" views on them)Collapse )

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Finally, a lull in the storm. I've just gotten home from what is inarguably the highest-pressure event I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Boston College just hd the kick-off dinner for a $1.4 Billion campaign. While not he biggest drinker, I'll readily admit I'm currently sitting down with a liter of Diet Coke turned transparent by the amount of rum in it.

A Billion Dollar Dinner and Five Cent PhotosCollapse )

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Stupid Legal Ruling of the Hour  (From the Boston Globe 9/4/08):

In an unusual ruling that introduced questions of war and peace into a corruption case, US District Court Judge Richard G. Stearns said prosecutors can extend the ordinary five-year window to pursue 85 fraud charges against six former managers of Aggregate Industries NE Inc. by applying a seldom-used World War II-era law.

The Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act of 1942 suspends the statute of limitations on fraud committed against the US government during times of war and up until three years after the end of fighting "as proclaimed by the president or by a concurrent resolution of Congress."

Seems the Federal Judges have decided the "When in Rome,..." clause is applicable to all court cases dealing with MAss,a nd not just those tried by local judges.

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Been awhile, but I just need to rant.

    Work's unpleasant.  It's the beginning of school, sick people are everywhere, and a coworker's National Guard unit was called up to head to New Orleans for hurricane duty (only to be sent home when they arrived at the base).  A dozen event for hundreds of people in the next few days, and I've been handed a football stadium of catering events to organize and set up because we're so short-handed.  Add in a good friend now in the hospital fighting cancer, another shot to death a few weeks back, a third having declared bankruptcy and fled west, and an inability to get a roommate in the empty room makes for some crazy times.  I mean, how much crazier can you get than the McCain/Palin ticket?

  Still, I like it this way.  I'm never a fan of business as usual, friends are returning to the college, and I'm exulting in living alone (and earning enough to manage it).

  An odd thought came to me a few days ago, after constantly hearing people refer to their "enemies" in casual conversation.

  Do I have an enemy? Or enemies?  Not competitors or rivals, but actual enemies?  How many people do? 

  I certainly didn't last week when I was thinking of it.  Now I'm not so sure.  A once close friend of mine, someone who I thought knew me well and understood me a little just made me rethink that by threatening my life.  I mean, it's one thing to see it, or hear it, but this was convincing enough to me that this ex-friend is so disconnected from a normal mind-set at the moment that I was convinced that the intent was genuine, and the act plausible.  Needless to say, I have acted to blunt such idiocy and acted on the threat.  I fully expect this momentary lapse of sanity to pass, but until then I'm happy I'm working mad hours at work.

  Co-dependent unhinged ex-lovers suck.

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I just noticed Google Maps integrated their streetview technology with the Boston area.  I was originally expecting the main downtown areas and touristy places, but no.  Almost every street in Boston has been done -- i can even follow my trip to and from work on it.  It can be a bit freaky at times -- especially when you find odd, voyeuristic moments.  I followed the view up the road to Castle Island.  The filming car was following an ambulance when the view just ended (along with the street)

  Other than that, I'm deep into researching Boston in the 1920's for a game I'm putting together, and there are just so many coincidences, well-known names, and curious societies for me not to have anything to work with.


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Now I've never been a fan of organized religions (and very few of them would like me as I am anyway...), but I seem to be trapped in a very large, invisible cathedral.  Now it's not terribly surprising that I bump into a Jesuit here or there while working at one of their universities.  Getting blessed while providing dinner for a community of Jesuits three (four now?) nights a week isn't a surprise either.  But one of my most reliable board gaming friends is the head minister of a Baptist Church, and an editor for a national magazine I read faithfully is the deacon for the same church.  Upstanding gents, both.

  But when you're playing a game of Classic Traveller as a Vargr supercargo, and all of a sudden the new Vargr Merc chews you out and sends you running into the corner of the hold literally with your tail between your legs, only to discover he's played by the Sexton of what is without doubt the most famous church building in all the thirteen British colonies, you start to wonder.

  And yes, the truly amazing thing is someone is still playing Classic Traveller.  Everything else is obviously guided by a higher power.

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From a quote-a-day website:

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.
  - Anonymous

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It's been a day to do things I've been putting off for so long.

Like let a major client know they're three months (and about $2K) behind on payment. 

Or bill for the rather odd early January BBQ that ocurred in the middle of my 4 day weekend.

Or finally put up the Geeklist of games played last weekend at the Feast for Gamers 

(I was sooooo tempted to swap the receipts for those two events about...)

Or update my blogs ( I suppose two out of three blogs ain't bad)

Now I need to:

1.  Organize Wins of War for the Furball Tournament at UG
2.  Make sure my games are ID'ed for UG
3. Find a new replacement mirror for my car
4. Put together that damnable cryptic before I lose it.
5. Sleep (ha!)

P.S.  It fits, but why would LJ even have an 'exanimate' mood?  Doesn't Lethargic, Listless, Tired, Recumbent, and Sleepy pretty much cover the gamut?

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1)  Drop to and maintain a weight of 180 lb
    1a)  Give up sodas until successful
    1b)  Eat chocolate only when required to by work
2)  Excercise Properly  (Min 3x weekly for 30 mins)
3)  Walk/jog 1 mile a day (400 for year)
4) Save $10K this year ( retirement plans not included)
5) Take care of self
   5a) Medical Checkup by April
   5b) Dental Checkup by April
6) Creative work
   6a) PBEM CoC:  1 adventure complete
   6b) Design 1 Metapuzzle
7) Find a decent guy

  Happy New Year All!
  I'm off to work on #7

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Shovelling is cold, hard work.  Most bundle up and fight the clothing as well as the snow.  

  I've found a new way.  Instead of dressing heavily and dreaming of a nice hot cup o'  later on,  I throw on a swimsuit under some sweats, slip on shoes without socks, and toss on a light jacket.  Not much worry about sweating, and the chill keeps me moving.  The reward comes when the shovelling is done.  The last spot dug out is the hot tub -- pop the lid, check the temp (I won't repeat that mistake again), strip and jump in.

  The chill is instantly gone and the sore muscles never have a chance to knot up.  Plus, there's no problem finding a spot to keep your drink cold...

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